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Colorlift™ Surface Restorer is a clear, easy to use spray product that gives faded and oxidized surfaces a new look by restoring the near natural color in paint, fiberglass, vinyl, plastic, and rubber, and by protecting the surface against ultraviolet deterioration, rust, corrosion, and weathering.

Colorlift™ dries to a hard and shiny protected finish that will eliminate the time and expense of cleaning and waxing of faded surfaces. Colorlift™ Surface Restorer lasts for years, and saves you time and money buying waxes or polishes that only last a few months before it is needed again.

Colorlift™ can be applied on metal buildings, display signs, aluminum doors and windows. Restores the color, shine and protects the surface from the harsh environment and UV deterioration that can cause fading. Has micro-wax formulation to keep the surface clean. Has excellent adhesion and flexibility. Helps protect surfaces against oxidation and corrosion. Protects your investment and company image.