New Color Lift™ Surface Restorer
lifts and restores color and shine!


Colorlift™ Surface Restorer is available in 16 oz. spray cans ($39.75 ea), or 1-gallon containers ($199.50 ea). Mixing ratio of the Colorlift Restorer (per gallon only) is 65 percent Color Restorer to 35 percent Colorlift Reducer. Reduction of the Colorlift Restorer can vary depending on application.

Colorlift™ Surface Conditioner is a new product, which has a special formula that is used to pre-clean the old services from dirt, wax, oil, grease and grime in preparation before applying the “Colorlift™ Surface Restorer. Conditioner available in 16 oz. aerosols ($19.50 ea).


Spray Can Application
Shake can thoroughly before and during the spray application process. Spray slowly in long, even strokes to achieve a glossy appearance. Immediately re-spray any dry or dull spots to achieve a consistent, glossy finish on the surface.

Spray Gun Application
First, thoroughly mix the “Colorlift Tm” Surface Restorer. The mixing ratio per gallon is: 65 percent “Colorlift Tm” Surface Restorer to 35 percent of Colorlift Reducer.

Cleaning Preparation
The oxidized surface that is being applied on with the “Colorlift Tm” Surface Restorer should be washed and cleaned thoroughly to completely remove all wax, grease, silicones, dirt and grime.

Pay Special Attention To: areas of the surface that are severely oxidized or faded. A mild abrasive scotch pad or wet sanding is used to help clean and prepare the surface before application. Completely rinse the surface clean.

(Please Note: Make sure the surface is completely dry before application. Be sure the cleaning agents or detergents you use do not contain any silicones or oil.)

Applying Colorlift™ Surface Conditioner
After the surface is thoroughly washed and cleaned, apply the “Colorlift Tm” Surface Conditioner on the faded or oxidized surface. The Colorlift™ Surface Conditioner is used for final cleaning before application of the Colorlift™ Surface Restorer.










Jim Morrison